The Association shall be named The Tiree Association, and shall be non-political and non-sectarian.

The primary objects of the Association shall be:-
1. To provide members of the Association the opportunity to meet for social gatherings.
2. To render assistance to special cases of distress among natives of Tiree or their dependants.
3. To assist in the preservation of records, literature and traditions relating to Tiree.
4. Generally, to assist in advancing whatever interests the Directorate may see fit and proper.

Natives of Tiree and their descendants, persons resident therein and those connected with the Island by marriage are eligible for membership. At the discretion of the Directorate, membership may be conferred on any person with a connection with Tiree. New members must be nominated by someone who is already a member.

The life membership subscription will be determined annually at the A.G.M.

There shall be three Funds, to be known as
1. Benevolent Fund
2. General Fund
which shall be lodged in the names of the President, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Assistant Treasurer.

The Management of the Association’s affairs shall be vested in a President, Immediate Past-President, two Vice-Presidents, Hon. Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Assistant Treasurer, and not more than twenty-five Directors, five to form a quorum. All Members of the Committee of Management shall retire annually, but are eligible for re-election. The President shall demit office after serving for a period of three consecutive years and will not be eligible for re-election to the same office until the expiry of twelve months, unless by the resolution of the Annual Meeting and carried by two-thirds of a majority of the Members present.

Any vacancy occurring during the year, shall be filled by the Directorate.

The Annual General Meeting shall have the power to nominate an Honorary President. There shall be Honorary Vice-Presidents not exceeding six.
Two Auditors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting to audit the Accounts.

A General Meeting of the Association shall be held annually in Glasgow, where possible on the second Wednesday in June and not later than the end of June, to receive the Reports of the Hon. Secretary and the Hon. Treasurer, and to elect Committee of Management for the ensuing year.

No alteration and addition to these rules shall be made unless intimation be given to the Secretary, in writing, one month previous to the Annual Meeting, and carried by two-thirds of a majority of the members present.

[Revision at A.G.M. of 13th June 2001]