The History Of The Tiree Association


Since the 19th century, Gaels have long been associated with the city of Glasgow. Like those immigrating to foreign lands, Gaels in Glasgow would often come together in a spirit of companionship and from the mid 19th century organisations were established. These groups not only created social opportunities, they also offered financial support where needed for native islanders.

 The Tiree Association was founded in 1900 after a discussion took place between a few prominent Tirisdeach’s who were resident in Glasgow. Following the first meeting of the Tiree Association a concert was held and chaired by the Reverend Dugald MacLean of Balephuil, a one time minister of the St Columba Church in Glasgow. A constitution for the Tiree Association was drawn up and these founding principles continue to flourish.The Following office bearers were appointed at that first meeting:President, Reverend Hector MacKinnon, known as the Spurgeon of the North because of his eloquence as a preacher; Vice-Presidents, Reverend Dugald MacLean, Balephuil and Hector MacFadyen, Gott; Treasurer, Mr Duncan MacFarlane, Balinoe; Secretary, Mr Archie Hardy, Caolas.

Directors: Mr Hugh Kennedy, Sandaig; Mr Archie MacKinnon, Balevullin; Mr Neil Campbell Colquhoun, Caolas; Mr Alasdair Sinclair, Balephuil; Mr Donald MacArthur, Balephuil; Mr William MacArthur, Sandaig and Mr Lachlan MacLean, Urvaig, Caolas.From humble beginnings the Association expanded widening its sphere of influence year by year and today there are over 800 members from as far afield as Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The Tiree Association crest depicts a sheaf of barley, a fork and a rake with the inscription Tir Mo Chridhe, Tir An Eorna. This was created by three of the founding committee members, Hector MacFadyen, Mr Hugh Kennedy and Archie Hardy and still remains the timeless symbol of unity.In April 1901 the first Tiree Gathering took place in the Lesser Hall of the Waterloo Rooms. Over the years this annual event has grown in stature residing in venues including the City Halls and the famous St Andrews Halls where many of Gaeldom’s greatest singers have performed. Today, the Tiree Association Gathering is one of the pivotal events for Tirisdeach’s to come together, an opportunity to celebrate the community spirit of Tir Mo Chridhe, Tir An Eorna.

 In 1932, the Tiree Association published Na Baird Thirisdeach. This fine book was the work of the late Reverend Hector Campbell who was responsible for the collection. This publication was followed in 1938 by the handbook to Coll and Tiree.Another significant date in the history of the Association was 1933 when the Tiree Association chartered the first aircraft to land on Tiree. The President at the time was Mr Hugh Alexander Low who arrived off the flight for the Association’s sports day.

In more recent times, it was the Tiree Association who restarted the fundraising efforts to rebuild a public hall on Tiree in 2002.


Past Presidents of the Association include


Rev. Hector MacKinnon
The Very Rev. Dr MacFarlane
Rev. Charles Lamont
Rev. Dr MacKinnon
Mr Hugh Alexander Low
Mr Neil Sinclair Campbell
Dr John Campbell
Dr Edward John MacKinnon
Mr Hector MacLean
Mr Hugh Campbell

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Mrs Nancy MacLean
Mr Hugh Campbell
Mr Donald Lamont
Mr Harvey MacLean
Dr Hugh Gillies
Mr Alasdair Kennedy
Mr Archie MacEachern
Mr James MacNeill
Mr Neil M Cameron
Mr Alasdair MacArthur

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Mrs Aneen Black
Miss Joan M MacKechnie
Mr Niall M Brownlie
Miss Margo MacArthur
Mr Niall Campbell
Mrs Susan Weir
Mrs Margaret MacTaggart
Mr Alasdair MacKinnon
Mr Donald Iain Brown
Mrs Ena Kerr



1950 Committee




1960 Committee



2000 Committee




The Future of the Tiree Association


A warm invitation is extended to all wishing to join the Tiree Association.

The strength of the Association lies solely in the efforts and contributions of its members and, in order for this work to continue for the benefit of all Tirisdeachs, new members are encouraged.

 Lifetime membership costs just £10 and, in return, each and every member will be doing their bit to ensure the future of the Tiree Association.